Spring Baby

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Need I say more?




s_g6660.jpg s_g6778.jpg



s_g6872.jpg s_g6885.jpg


I love this last one. Thanks for being so cute! There’s hardly anything better than a new baby.

3 thoughts on “Spring Baby”

  1. are you KIDDING me about how gorgeous those pics are! Holy Moly! You did SUCH a wonderful job! And I have to add that with the title of Spring Baby and the need I say More comment, I TOTALLY thought you were announcing you are pregnant! Well….Are you???

  2. I guess I must clarify a few things… ok, just one. This post was not an announcement, just a comment on how beautiful a spring baby can be.
    So, for all of you holding your breath, you may exhale. Call this an April Fools on April 2nd. I am not pregnant over here. I repeat, Stacie Smith is not pregnant.
    I love your comment, Mindy. How can I not? It made me swell with pride, blush, and laugh.

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