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This year I found a really cool game, story dice, online here on etsy and here at The Small Object site. This was perfect for my second grader.
A thin Micron pen (what I used on these) will bleed a little but not as much as a thin Sharpie.
The Small Object set has a page to write the story down. I thought this was a great idea. They also put each picture on the top of the page with the word below to help with spelling. We can all use help with spelling.

3 thoughts on “Story Dice”

  1. Great gift idea!!! Of course, I need to learn how to draw first 🙂

    Hope y’all are having a wonderful holiday. We are freezing in Texas, returning to Boston tomorrow. Alexa cut her hair for Locks of Love yesterday, now she has the India-do! We’ll post pix to facebook when we get home.

    Love to all in your house,


  2. I wandered to your website looking at different kinds of story dice. You have loads of great creative ideas and your site is packed full of lovely photos. Thank you, from a dad and primary teacher in England.

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