Sunday in Toulon, France

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We were able to attend church in Toulon and Zach was even recognized… after an absence of 14 years. This guy immediately recognized him and even recounted some stories about Halloween and pizza making. He then went and got the missionary book to find Zach’s entry.

How amazing is that?
After church we visited a town called Bormes-les-Mimosas. This town was to die for. Tiny streets with mostly foot traffic. Beyond the beauty of the secluded corners and the charming “Venelle des Amoureux” this is the heart of the Mimosas festival. I love that in Europe the seasons and plants are celebrated. An entire festival for a flowering tree? When we returned to California I swear we saw Mimosas on the hillsides of So. Cal. Here they are nothing. The blossoms not treasured, or even noticed. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them all my life and never thought twice about them. Humm.
Here are a few images from B. Mimosas.

View from the ruins.

The girls running.

Some of these are a bit blurry, that come with evening shooting using a point and shoot. The color and texture of the stone caught my eye.


My cute niece. Don’t judge the focus… point and shoot. Kicking myself that I left the SLR behind that day. So frustrating.

Such a beautiful mimosa tree.

Did I mention it was Valentines Day? Thank goodness we had some evidence of romance on this trip. With 6 kids, there wasn’t much smooching going on.

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