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Saturday was a great day. We enjoyed a morning of relaxation and sun at our street’s garage sale. I got a bit too much sun and Zach called me Amazon brown last night. Not quite sure what that means.
Around 4pm, I made my way to the school’s grounds and photographed 4 families in quick succession. I was a bit disappointed at the turn-out, but I was also glad to be done by 5:30 and hit the after-garage-sale bbq at our neighbor’s house. All in all, a fun day. I got to sit in the warm sun, photograph some families and even go to a party. What more could I ask for?
Here are a few images from each of the families I photographed. We raised $120 for the garden at Charles Hay. Thanks for your support!

I love the color coordination here. What a fun family.

Ahh, William has reached the days when getting a picture taken is no longer fun. We still got him to smile. Maybe he had a little fun…

I love this building’s painted cinder block. What a cool color and the texture is awesome. Who knew this was at the school. Lucky I saw it the day before at pick-up.

I love that I got to photograph this mom with her boys. A late mother’s day present. I am so glad they brought along their light swords, spiderman shirt, and cape.

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  1. Stacie those photos turned out great. I’m going to have to pay you to do our families photo. Now that we have two kids we need a new family photo. I guess that means we should bring the dog too. Did I tell you we have a dog. He is way cute – a pembroke welch corgi. Bonnie and the dog (scooter) are literally best friends.

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