The Great Ornament Exchange

Because we have nothing else to make (haha) I decided we should participate in this year’s Crafty Crow ornament exchange. If you have children who love to create, this blog is chock full of ideas and projects that little hands can do well.
This year’s theme was fairy tails… without any Disney look-a-likes (which I’m very relieved about). India and I worked on these Monday night. They originally were going to be the gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretal, but the ‘houses’ looked more like bridges (“we should make a castle and this could be the draw bridge” as if!). The bridges quickly transformed into fences and our character became the fairy with leaf wings and glitter all over. She paints the glitter, don’t you know. That’s her job.
So here is one thing we have made this season that I can show you!


5 thoughts on “The Great Ornament Exchange”

  1. cool craft and neat execution, i’m not quite sure what christmas has to do with fairies. i guess that’s not a question to ponder when kids are creative…

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