The Many Faces of…

a very active baby boy. This is just a small taste. While editing these images I couldn’t believe all the different expressions this little one gave me. He was going from content to crying pretty often… until we turned on the heater. He loved the heater.

Ok, so he never did sleep. He did blink his eyes, though. I would say it’s pretty rare, if not difficult, to catch a perfect blink.

Never change a newborn.

This is just a taste of the range of emotions this guy gave us.

Can you believe today was our first snow? We had to catch it before it melted.

6 thoughts on “The Many Faces of…”

  1. Mmmmm, babies!!!! I want a card, but we were never lucky enough to get a photo shoot with you this year. Actually I just got a new camera. Maybe I will try to snap a picture and you can fix it. I don’t really need a card this year because I found these great oriental ones with a bird on a branch, can you picture it?

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