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When I went to photograph this Arapahoe Acres home I was told that they had once received a call from the city asking when they had installed a pool. The homeowner was a bit confused. The person from the city said, “It says here you have a pool house.” The homeowner quickly replied that the home was named after the first homeowners, the Pools, and that they do not have a pool or a pool house.
This home does not need a pool. It is so beautifully complete without one. The homeowner, Dave Steers, has a restoration/renovation business and has done his share of work throughout the neighborhood.

The woodwork in this home is so beautiful. The paneling is to die for. See the hinge to the left of the light? Hidden closet there. If only homes were still made with aesthetics in mind!

The front room with a view into the family and dining rooms as well as the shaded patio.

The kitchen was restored bringing the original sliding cupboard doors and lower mahogany cupboards back. I love that the original owner requested a glass back splash so she could keep an eye on the kids as they played in the yard. Not only practical but unique and forward thinking.

Of everything in this home, I want this. A tub room looking out to a beautiful garden. The first time I saw this I was stunned by its tranquil beauty.

With two sinks and jetted tub this bathroom addition is one that keeps with the original scale of the home but brings in modern conveniences and some modern styling.

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  1. Kirsten Campbell

    Hi Stacy,
    I don’t know if you remember me from the Cambridge/Boston days! I found your blog through Jared and Mary Christensen and have loved looking at your amazing photographs. If only you were closer to us to take photos of our kids…
    Have a wonderful time in Boston (I miss it so…) We’re in the South Bend, IN area– Dave is a Political Science professor at Notre Dame. I’m a part-time preschool teacher and PTO junkie. Katie is 12 now, and Soren is 9.
    If you get the chance, email me and tell me more of what you’re up to! (

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  4. i am on you with letting God be the dirver. I used to worry and get stressed and now, I simply say, God, help me out. And he does. He knows just what to do. I’m glad that you have your 9th Ideal client and that you get more! Cute album too!

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