The Small Wedding

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Since I am typically not photographing weddings this time of year, I thought I would share some of my favorite things from weddings of the past. 

One of the most successful, and unique, small weddings (30-50 people) that I photographed was at an orchard in Massachusetts, north west of Boston. 

The couple had decided to mix up the traditional order of the day.  They had the cocktail hour begin the day, followed by portraits, the ceremony, and end with dinner.  The cocktail hour was enjoyed by the guests along with the bride and groom.  After a quick family photo session the ceremony began.  Rather than have a processional, all the guests walked to the ceremony site on the lawn beside the house.  A beautiful view and gorgeous sunset set the tone for the ceremony.  After the rings were exchanged, the vows were made and sealed with a kiss.  Once the ceremony was over the group made their way to the house and sat to a gourmet meal accompanied with the orchard’s fine wine.

What was most unique about this wedding was the fact that both the bride and groom were always with their guests, celebrating side-by-side with their favorite people.  It was very sweet to have the bride and groom hug their family and friends after the ceremony rather than marching off to be seen again after the cocktail hour.  Quite unique and not necessarily for everyone, but a rather successful day.

Walking to the ceremony with their guests

A big congratulatory hug

The moon rising on the way to dinner

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  1. Good to have you back, Stacie! I was getting worried! Glad to hear the Smith’s are okay and on the track to healthy eating. Now I just need to get me and my family started. Beautiful wedding. It makes me miss New England 🙁

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