The Street Where we Stayed

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This is the street where we stayed our week in France. Atop this hill was an old ruin dating back some 800 years. The streets were so narrow, it was hard to believe any cars drove it at all. Our first time driving up the hill, we missed this street entirely since a car was parked at it’s head. I thought it was a driveway, Zach new it was a street… the street. Tells you who has driven in France before.

As we walk down the hill to our safely parked cars we passed two fountains…

one in a little cobble stone square with this on it’s edge…

As we head down the hill the road widens enough to allow some parking. Love the French cars. So tiny.

This is the wall in the parking lot. I wanted to photograph the family here, but every time we were in the lot we were off to some destination… wearing heavy coats. Oh the weather! Too cold!

This is Mary’s favorite door. Was it really that blue? I can’t remember. We may need to collaborate to get the right color balance.

3 thoughts on “The Street Where we Stayed”

  1. I’ve been loving all the pictures from France. It makes me want to visit again, we just didn’t have enough time before. Keep sharing all the wonderful photos.

  2. I wish you could’ve taken even more photos — yours are SO wonderful. I will cherish them. Too bad we couldn’t get the sheep on the road that day. I linked over from my blog. Yes, the blue and green are a little on the fluorescent side — perhaps a little too yellow is all, but still a wonderful representation. Sigh.

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