The Swets House

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This Arapahoe Acres home was built in 1954 by Edward Hawkins.  It is situated in the middle of the block, nestled into the slope.Hawkins did not bulldoze the natural slope found on the land; he incorporated it into his designs.Therefore the lower level of the home abuts the hill while the upper level rests atop it. When entering, one is ushered into a tiny foyer with beautiful mahogany paneling.It is surprisingly light owing to the wide stairwell and the fretted glass panels surrounding the front and interior door.

While the main living space is upstairs at garden level, downstairs has what was originally a small family room, two bedrooms, and a bath.

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There are so many wonderful details that one cannot help but notice in this home.The first, and most dramatic, has to be the latticed stair enclosure one climbs to enter the heart of the home.Once atop the staircase a view of the beautiful garden, along with the salvaged sculpture from National Jewish Hospital, is seen through the south facing window wall.


A more subtle detail, but no less important, is the fireplace wall in the living room.The concrete hearth and mahogany shelves create a composition on the roman brick wall that reinforces the horizontal character of the room.   A series of panoramic photographs from neighbor Ron Pollard have been placed along the longest shelf.The images show a bit of Englewood history.They were taken of Cinderella City Mall as it was being demolished in 1998.


The vaulted ceiling throughout and clerestory windows on the east and west walls both attribute to the open feeling in the space.Pony walls enclose the kitchen and a former patio just outside the kitchen is now a sun filled room.The addition, dubbed “the lounge”, stays true to the original design.Dark lapped wood paneling along with south and west facing window walls, keep the lounge light and open to the outdoors.


This little nook has a desk that appears to have been built with the original construction of the home.  The window seat seems to be an extension of the original desk, added at some later date.  The tell tale signs are a partially covered outlet and some unpainted paneling behind the seat.

A very beautiful, well preserved home here in Arapahoe Acres.

4 thoughts on “The Swets House”

  1. Wow – I am in awe. What a beautiful home. This is the kind of house I want to live in someday. To bad we don’t have many like this in Boise. Guess I’ll just have to build one. Thanks a million for sharing.

  2. Beautiful! My parents had wood paneling like that in the house my dad built in 1966. Now they live across the street and the new owners painted it white – yikes! And threw the pink triangular bath tub in the garbage to boot.

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  4. I think I know that house and I’m pretty sure that I have been in it. Wasn’t the lady of the house the PTA queen and Edgemont? And isn’t there faoulbus built in shelves just inside the door? I am a big fan of MCM, I live in one up here in Bountiful.

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