The Wells Home built in 1956

Beautiful registered Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass clerestory windows and original grass cloth covered ceilings.

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The newly added zen garden can be seen through the window. Both light fixtures are Wright inspired.

The Zen garden adds interest and movement to this area under the fascia.

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A beautiful, peaceful respite. When we left, Beth and I knew we were returning to the chaos of the real world.

I brought along Zed and Beth (my friend, neighbor and fellow photographer) to help out with this shoot. Our hostess gave us the tour and then took Zed off our hands and he was soon fast asleep in her arms. I am so blessed to photograph such beauty and get to know my neighbors while I work.

Today I discovered another shoot was happening in this garden. A crew is filming a commercial for Weber Grills in the tranquility of the yard. Ezra, Zed and I stopped in for a minute to see all the equipment and people milling about on set.

It has been so long since I’ve been at a shoot, it brought back many memories. Especially today, 9-11. Eight years ago today I was on set, assisting, at another beautiful home in southern Massachusetts for Traditional Home magazine. Between shots and while shooting, the television showed us the mayhem in NYC. Today I cannot forget the loss we felt that day. Today I am grateful for those who defend us. Today I pray for peace.

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  1. With you and Zack living in such a cool neighborhood is slowly killing me. I can’t believe how awesome it is. I love the light fixtures in the house.

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