Then and Now

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Look how little this guy was when he came home to his mommy and daddy and sis. He traveled with them all the way from Ethiopia. This was taken at the little welcoming party we had for him a couple months after his arrival.

Now he is such a big boy and still as sweet as ever. Reggae music was requested and thanks to the Pandora app. on my phone and my speakered dock, I was able to oblige. Ahhh, technology.

He was only so happy and smiling when his mommy was talking with him. He sure loves his mommy. No doubt the feeling is mutual. Can you feel the love?

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  1. Oh wow! He HAS grown up so much. Still absolutely adorable, of course. I love that family so much. I hope y’all are enjoying your first day of summer vacation! Let me know if you make any travel plans down south…we have Sea World, you know?!

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