Under the Weather and our couch

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Anyone else been sick out there? I think we have had some sort of virus in the house since December 25th, when Zed puked in his crib. Will it never end?

I took this shot of India while we sat together and chatted about the day… her upset stomach. I was struck by her cute little freckles. There aren’t very many, and they will probably disappear once she gets older. Mine did. I wanted to capture the intimacy we feel as mother and daughter, to remember this moment. Once she perfects the eye rolling she has begun to practice lately, moments like these will fade.

We are sitting on our old couch out here in the front room:

It has been replaced by a new/old piece which was gifted to us from one of our favorite families. A happy acquisition.

But there is never a free lunch. A week after we put dibs on the couch we were told they WILL move to San Fran. This is a shot of our last evening all together:

Maybe one of our out-of-state friends would like to come live in their house? It’s 3,000 sq. ft. of Mid Mod lovely, with a workshop even… and blocks from The Rack.

3 thoughts on “Under the Weather and our couch”

  1. That couch is perfect! I love the color and shape. I must admit, Zed looks adorable sleeping on the couch, I love it when they pass out on the couch.

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