Valentines Day

Ok, so I’m totally insane. Yes, I know… you already knew that. Just in case you are an unbeliever, I have lots of proof. First, I threw a huge birthday party for Ezra the Little Ninja. He loves that video game and wanted a ninja themed party for his 6th. So I did just about everything… thanks Pinterest for all the great ideas… we have a love-hate relationship, Pinterest and I. Zach came home from a week long business trip and asked what idea I didn’t use. Ha!! Here’s one image, showing the house. I’ll have to post the other shots once I get my head on straight… get over the crazy.

The next crazy thing I got caught up in is Valentines Day cards. Well, I am always drawn to a few things when it comes to cards:
cool design
anything 3 dimensional
That’s why I had to do this:

Again, found on Pinterest… I think. It’s all a blur.

2 thoughts on “Valentines Day”

  1. Everytime you post a birthday party picture I first get really excited, because I know you know how to do a good job. I want to see everything! Then I get really sad because I want you to live near me.

  2. Oh Laura, I miss our times together. At least we lived it up while we had the chance. The kids’ first b-day was a splash. We make a great team!

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