Watching Her Grow

She keeps on growing. Remember this?

Mom and dad dote on this little one; she is their little princess. How nice it was to meet grandma and grandpa and see the family all together. They can’t wait to see the latest installment, and I can’t wait to share. I love that I could work with this baby again. Can’t wait for the next time we meet. I’ll be photographing the entire little family for their Holiday card.

1 thought on “Watching Her Grow”

  1. Stacie- You have outdone even yourself with these! My first (selfish) thought: “I wish we’d known Stacie when Alexa was this age!!!” Absolutely fabulous photos, of course the wings are the perfect accessory. Hope y’all are well….Alexa is off on an RV adventure to Niagara Falls and Mt. Rushmore with my folks!


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