What Are You Up To?

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I keep getting that question.  Oh, and “How are you feeling?”  That one too.

Here’s the answer:

This is our friend Anson Holmes the cabinet maker:


This guy has been keeping me quite busy.  He is trying to get a nice brochure together and has wrangled 7.5 month pregnant me into the mix.  Unlike shooting babies and people, there are deadlines involved with photographing objects.  It seems that everyone in that realm wants the final product yesterday.  Which is fine with me, since I only have until tomorrow before the baby is here.

So last Monday I photographed this kitchen:

black_counter_dsc3507 black_dsc3510


Isn’t that cool wood?  Not to mention that Anson designed and built the pulls.

Then Saturday he got me to drive to Woodland Park (only about 2 hours away) to photograph this home:





Some exquisite work and well worth the drive.  Not to mention the cool forest the kids got to run through all day.  Oh and the Spook House the owner built for Halloweens.  But that’s another story.

1 thought on “What Are You Up To?”

  1. my heart is pounding faster looking at his work (and of course your photos!!!)
    it seems like there is still a bit of a cabinet maker left in me…
    by the way “how are you feeling?”
    we are doing fine love the “nature sway” hammock, it’s the best, thea’s day and night hanging bed!
    all the best and lots of love

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