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My first photography workshop is coming up. Imagine it: 2 whole hours working side-by-side a real photographer! It’s amazing!!!! hehe The class only has 8 seats (5 of which are already taken) so let me know quickly if you would like to join us.
This is a workshop for the beginner. We will touch on lots of things… if they will all fit in the 2 hours… we may have to go over a bit. Some of the main points are:
1. Turn off your flash… how to use your camera and the super cheap light from the sun.
2. Get them to laugh, or at least look natural.
3. Composition. How to make your images really sing.
4. Display. Learn to hang and preserve your prints.

I am excited to help a few people out there start taking more beautiful photographs and think outside the box. Join the fun. Simply email me or comment here to get involved.

Date: Saturday May 3rd
Time: 4-6pm
Place: My house.
Cost: $50
If you can’t make this workshop, there may be more in the future so let me know you’re interested!

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  1. Hi Stacie. I’m interested but won’t be able to make the May 3rd. Please let me know about other classes as we are due a visit to denver this summer. Sally

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